GEOTOP is a private company established in 1986 to take part in the survey and mapping activities in our country. However at this time our company have been increasing his activities in other areas according the evolutions of computer systems, CAM, CAD, and Digital Terrain Models.

From 1994, GEOTOP is participating fully in there activities in our country and is willing to take part in a International projects joint with foreign companies in or out Panama.

Civil Engineering

Mostly of the large projects in the civil engineering need a various type of survey measurement for planning, design, and construction. In this sense, we hope to support these areas supplying information for the different purposes as needed, specifically we will take part in Roads or Highway projects, housing projects, building constructions, earth movement, drainage or irrigation projects, usually in this type of projects precise measurement of coordinate of points, distances and areas are required. Using topographical concepts and equipments we can solve mostly of the requirements.

Geodetic Networks

Geodesy is concerned with precisely determining positions on the Earths surface, and this it serve as the foundation of any mapping activity. It also determine the Earths gravity field, and monitors geodynamic phenomena.

In the practice sense geodesy is required when precise measurements is required in large extension of surface can be (for example: Land use National Mappings projects, water use, forestry projects etc).

In the practice usually geodesist are required to establish points, distances and areas with high accuracy. Using Geodetic concepts and equipments this can be done. The new GPS techniques are including in this intention.


Photogrammetry obtains reliable information primarily about the land and the environment by recording, measuring and interpreting photographic images.

The advent of digital cameras and imaging systems together with optical disk storage devices will permit images processing a highly interdisciplinary.

Photogrammetry makes an important contribution to computer and robot vision, because it specializes in precise measurements and analysis of digital images. Our company will be able to use photogrammetry in the compilation of topographic maps and surveys based on measurements and information obtained from aerial and space photographs. We hope to use photogrammetry in analysis of structural deformation, industrial Quality Control, forestry inventory, geological mapping and preservation of historic architecture and monuments. Interpreting photographic images is including.

Special Projects

GEOTOP S.A. is able to work in gravity geomagnetic, hydrographic, oceanographic, tides, Astronomical, Earths crustal movement including data acquisitions, processing, interpretation and representation (maps) of the items mention before.

Cadastral Survey

As surveyor it is important to obtain a National certificate to realize Land Survey in order to support the Cadastral organizations in our country. Because of this activity have Legal environments, the Surveyor had to compile with Technical and legal rules to make a boundary or property location map. In this sense our company is a legal registered office to realize all type of Survey Land around the country. Mixed Geodetic, Cartographic and Topographical methods to produce Specialized Cadastral Survey.

Land Surveys

As we know basic Survey are essential for land development planning. Mixing Land information and other parameters, Land use maps can be prepared and therefore used like the primary support for GIS/LIS or national projects. GEOTOP will be able to prepare this type of maps and surveys.

Property Boundaries 

GEOTOP, S.A. will be able to determine legal and precisely the boundaries of private or public Land. Mostly of the daily activities with the Land maps showing boundaries azimuth, geodetic plane coordinates are required. An example is when people want to buy a property totally, partially to others.


Mapping is a general activity that means the representation of the portion or a total earth.

Usually topographical maps are prepared based on primary information obtained by photogrammetric methods. The Techniques to prepare the maps are very well known traditionally depending of the maps, scale of aerial photographs is selected, Geodetic works are define and cartographic work can be done.

GEOTOP will be able to support any case of a mapping project from primary data acquisitions until the total process of a printing the maps or from any specifically part of the process mention before.

Use and Application of GIS

The GIS is an advanced Technique possible to use in the preparations of maps. Usually GIS Support for a óGPSó precise positioning information of a selecting points in a surface.

GEOTOP is able to guide our clients in order to select the best projects to solve the requirements previously defined, for this a planning, Database design, pilot projects, conversion of data, application development and GIS maintenance is carefully realized.

Land Survey and Economical Evaluation

Based on the prize of the land in different points around a selecting area it is possible to compute precisely the prize of a portion land. Usually this information is required to sell lands or parcel along the country. GEOTOP is specialized in this type of jobs.