GeoTop, S.A.

Is a firm of Engineers and Architects in Panama expert in Geomatics with experience and accomplishments in the areas of Geodesy( GPS networks), Land Registry, Topo and Boundary Survey, Lot Division, Earthworks, GPS, GIS, Hydrography, Aerial Topo and mapping , LIDAR control , Cartography, Urban and Rural developments, urban and rural Cadastral Surveys, Mining plan and approval , Civil engineering , Consulting, CAD designs and processing and much more .

Our Services

Civil Engineering

The vast majority of large projects in Civil Engineering need several types of field measurements for planning, design and construction. Our company expects to be able to supply with the information that is required according to the different purposes. Especially we work with interest in projects of: Streets or Highways, Homes, Buildings, Earth Movements, Drains and Irrigation of Projects.


Usually in this type of project, precise measurements, coordinates of points, distances and areas are required. Based on the concepts, topographic models and equipment, we can solve most of the requirements.



Geodesy has as its primary purpose the determination of positions on the surface of the earth and thus serves other activities such as mapping, cadastral and thematic maps. The determination of the gravity field of the earth and the monitoring of the Geodynamic phenomena is also of interest for Geodesy.


In practice, Geodesy is required when precise measurements are required over a large area, for example: The area of  national maps of land use, water use, forestry projects, etc.


Usually Geodestas are asked to establish points, measuring distances and areas as accurately as possible. Through the use of geodesic concepts and equipment these works can be done.


The new GPS global positioning techniques are included in this intention.


				Photogrammetry obtains valuable information primarily about the surface of the earth and the environment that surrounds it by measuring and interpreting photographic images either aerial or terrestrial.


With the advent of digital cameras and image processing systems, together with electronic storage devices, image processing has been achieved for different disciplines and purposes.


Photogrammetry has made an important contribution to computational systems and robot vision, because it specializes in accurate measurements and image analysis.


Our company is prepared for the use of photogrammetry in the compilation of topographic maps and surveys based on aerial or space photos. We also hope to use photogrammetry in the analysis of deformation of structures, industrial quality control, forest inventory, geological maps, preservation of historical architecture and monuments. The interpretation of photographic images is also included in this intention.



Cadalstral Survey

In order to carry out a Cadastral survey, it is important to obtain a national certificate that allows to do rural or urban cadastre since this information supports the national Cadastral systems in our country. Because this activity has a legal component, the surveyor must comply with technical specifications and legal regulations for localization.


In this sense, our company has its legal registry that allows it to operate throughout the country. By combining geodetic, cartographic and topographic procedures, we can produce a specialized cadastre


Nowadays they are necessary to be able to plan large projects and save real costs of materials and budget with greater control.

Quality control with drones

				Currently it is difficult to control the finishes of the works and this is your best option, since you can see in real time the progress of your projects and works with the best HD quality for presentations and other purposes, also mapping three-dimensional terrain models and generation of a precise updated database such as level curves, orthomosaic and others, useful for work designs and macros feasibility studies.